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ViewML 0.22 released 
November 26th, 2002

  • Fixed all compilation problems with newer compilers and Imlib.
  • Removed all warnings, etc. during compilation. -Wall added to viewml/makeinclude to catch this in the future.
  • Added Chris Hawk's patches for qregexp (to fix reference URLs) and for html.cpp to fix the BIG tag (made it +1 instead of .. what .. 0?)
  • Fixed all Redhat 7.1+ compilation problems (gcc 2.96)
  • Redid qarray to not use the STL vector class.


ViewML 0.21 released 
April 11th, 2001

  • A patch provided by Chris Hawks to make the argument parsing much more unix-y and allow a url to be passed without the -u flag (though for backward-combatibility, it still works.)
  • Another patch provided by Chris Hawks providing the following enhancements:
    1. Drop-down lists now show the default choice.
    2. Radio buttons now look good (using round, instead of diamonds.)
    3. Some standard colors added.
    4. Removed lots of debug cerrs/couts 
    5. Listboxes now implemented.
    6. Using requested font families and colors for buttons, combos, and listboxes.
    7. And probably more that I missed when patching the code.
  • An addition to keep a reference-counted pixmaps. This was necessary to allow the proper cleanup of tmp files and freeing of images (which wasn't happening in all cases.) This greatly helps stability.
  • A fix to qstring in the findRev method that was causing invalid URL parsing in some cases.
  • Many fixes to the HTTP classes that make everything much more stable.
  • Basically, everything is now cleaned up properly when a new page is loaded, even if the previous page hadn't finished. Also, some protection is added for pending HTTP GETs performing callbacks to HTMLViews which no longer exist.
  • QColor was fixed to provide default color initialization.
  • Added support for a proxy server through an environment variable, VIEWML_PROXY. This should be set as follows for a proxy server: 
    export VIEWML_PROXY=http://www-proxy.foo.com:8080
    Of course you should use your own proxy server :-)


ViewML 0.18 released 
November 2nd, 2000

  • Added temporary scrollbar support to the main UI.
  • Many, many bug fixes in the hierarchy of the classes.
  • Basically, a lot of the multiple inheritance has been
    removed to permit better organization. 
  • Most of the segfaults have been fixed. It now seems to
    be really stable.
  • Forward, Back, and reload buttons now work. We keep 
    proper track of the history now.
  • You can now change the size of the window with the
    constants at the top of main.cpp. Resize support will
    be added when this is fixed in FLNX.
  • Changed the derivation of QWidget, QPaintDevice to be
    actual FL_Window so children work.

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